The Company

Manuzzi’s family has been operating in the fruit market for over half a century: it mainly dealt with the fresh fruit sector at the beginning, but then it has gradually introduced new products of different varieties and origins. Then, in the year 2000, the company changed its initial and predominant vocation, that is fresh fruit, and started to specialize in and completely devote itself to the processing and distribution of exotic, dehydrated fruit and nuts.

The company has undertaken a new journey since 2005: despite having its roots in a long-established tradition, such a new journey aimed at finding a new corporate structure to relaunch and build up the company’s market share. This is how Manuzzi Srl was set up in 2005, replacing and taking over the business of the former company F.lli Manuzzi Snc.

Manuzzi srl immediately worked out how to combine the respect of origins and traditions with the need to innovate. The company built up a well-defined product range, which it strongly believes in, and boosted its activities throughout a remarkable investment policy. The purpose of such investments was to enhance the company’s brand image and to introduce new tools aimed, on one hand, at higher quality standards and, on the other, at better meeting the needs of a market which was getting more and more demanding.

The results were not long in coming and in 2011, after a first considerable round of investments, Manuzzi srl completed the construction of a new manufacturing plant, where it moved its headquarters and activities in 2012.

Here is the new headquarters in figures:

  • A covered area of 3,200 m2, over a total of 5,250 m2;
  • 550 m2 occupied by the packaging department, with up-to-date machinery and very efficient traceability and codification systems;
  • 3 refrigerated rooms, equipped with drive-in technology and shelves with a capacity of 800 pallet places;
  • 1,200 m2 for storage and warehousing and for the execution of orders, as well.

But this is the story of the past. In the future, Manuzzi srl is going to work hard, always relying on its credibility to earn its partners’ trust.